About Me

Associate Professor of Learning Technologies
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Estefanía Martín (Bsc, 2002; MEng 2004; PhD 2009) is an associate professor of technology-enhanced learning at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) LITE lab (Laboratory of Information Technologies in Education).

Her research interests include Human Computer Interaction (HCI), disabilities, Computer Support Collaborative Learning (CSCL), e-learning, blended learning, video-based learning, recommender systems and authoring tools.

Her career began at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her thesis focuses on the proposal and implementation of an adaptive recommendation system for courses called CoMoLe. This system allows adapting both the training itinerary and the contents of the courses to the needs of the users and the context in which they are located. Nowadays, she leads Blue Thinking, DEDOS Project and ClipIt.

First, Bluethinking (http://bluethinking.es) is an application that allows the person with ASD to learn programming. This project is funded by Fundación Orange.

Second, DEDOS Project (http://aprendecondedos.es) provides authoring tools for creating educational activities on multiple devices without the need to adapt the interface of the activities. Within this project, around 1,700 students from different educational levels have participated: Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Special Education. This project has received multiple awards highlighting the award for “Best ICT project in inclusive education, equality and diversity” at SIMO Education 2014 and the third place to the best tool for teachers in the SIMO Education Awards 2013, among others.

Finally, ClipIt (http://clipit.es), a video-based social network platform that has been developed in the context of the European Union project JuxtaLearn (grant agreement 317964, FP7). This platform is structured in three main steps: participative production, discussion and peer review. More than 2000 participants have used this platform (https://goo.gl/qIgZ1Y).

Additionally, it has also been involved in other projects for the creation of accessible interfaces oriented to users with visual functional diversity that allow guiding from a point of origin to a destination point using smartphones. In this project, the user interfaces were adapted to the needs of the users and context.

Furthermore, she is CoPI of CS-Track (https://cstrack.eu/) project focused on Citizen Science.

She was Vice Principal of Promotion and Research (Subdirectora de Promoción e Investigación) of the URJC School of Computer Science (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática) between December 2015 and January 2020. She also was the head of Human Computer Interaction Master for three years (2010-2013). Currently, she is Subdirector of Promotion and Internationalisation of the School of Official Master’s Degrees (Subdirector/a de Promoción e Internacionalización de la Escuela de Másteres Oficiales).